South Mountain Creamery is excited to announce that it recently donated $4,950 to SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership) of Frederick County. Funds were raised through a raffle, with items donated by friends, family, and customers. Customers could buy raffle tickets online, as well as at the annual Spring Festival on the family farm in Middletown, MD on April 30, 2022. Winners were announced during this event.

SHIP of Frederick County, “works to reduce barriers to academic attainment for youth experiencing homelessness by connecting them to community, resources, and youth-centric programming, while advocating for equality in the systems that serve young people.”

“Quite simply, we exist because there are students in our community that need our help,” the SHIP Frederick website states. “They live in every city, town, and district in Frederick County. In the school year 2019-20, homeless students were found in 61 out of the 66 schools in the Frederick County Public School System (FCPS). This issue cuts across all grades and all ethnicities. The numbers continue to grow each school year.”

“This generous donation will give more students access to stable housing, medical care, mental health counseling, and reliable transportation support,” said Melissa Muntz, Executive Director, SHIP. “Our team is incredibly grateful for the difference South Mountain Creamery is making in the lives of students. In just a few days, 28 high school seniors experiencing homelessness will be graduating on time. This work would not be possible without the support and contributions of our local partners.”

We are passionate about the communities we serve and always looking for opportunities to improve the quality of life of those who live there.

“Our community supports us in everything we do, so we’re always looking for ways to give back,” said Tony Brusco, Co-Owner, CEO, South Mountain Creamery. “There’s a lot of children who really benefit from the work of SHIP, and we are happy to support them.”