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The Farmers' Market Delivered

What’s in the Bag?

Winter citrus is great for a boost of Vitamin C, as well as adding tart and tang to salads and desserts.
This Week’s Menu


SMC glass-bottled milk

Not only are grass-fed cows healthier, but their meat and milk are more nutritious than their cornfed counterparts. Grass-fed meat and dairy contain gobs more beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids, which may prevent dementia as well as heart disease. They’re also high in conjugated lineoleic acid (CLA), a healthy omega-6 that’s been shown to lessen symptoms of inflammatory disorders such as allergies and asthma. But, you knew that. Milk from grass-fed cows, but also cheese, yogurt, butter, and meat. Tastes great, better for you.

I Scream, You Scream

SMC Ice Cream: Red, White, & Blue and Dirt Road Ice
We all scream for Ice Cream! Winter, spring, summer, fall, it’s always a good time for SMC ice cream! We love the classics: indulgent chocolate, creamy vanilla, and very strawberry. We love fruit in our ice cream: Pineapple Mango, Blueberry Swirl, Black Raspberry, and Very Cherry. We love having fun with our ice cream: C is for Cookie, Grape Nuts, Monkey Butter, Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Cupcake. What’s your favorite flavor?

What's Happening at SMC?

Farm Visits

Did you know South Mountain Creamery is open 365 days per year? Come on out, tour the farm, see the calves, have some ice cream.

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The SMC Story

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Whether you are one of our customers or are considering becoming one, it’s important to know the difference between South Mountain Creamery and the other guys:
Local fresh farm food vs. same ol’ grocery store goods.

We are not a grocery delivery service. We are→The Farmers’ Market, Delivered! Be sure to watch the video (above) to get the full story.

Hometown Harvest

Hometown Harvest and South Mountain Creamery have always maintained family ties. Bringing the two companies together is better for everyone. HTH provides fresh produce and artisan goods to SMC customers; HTH customers get to enjoy local dairy, grass-fed beef, and ice cream! Together, we’re better. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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In the Kitchen

Looking to ward off cold & flu season? We’ve got just the thing: Fire Cider. Listen, we didn’t name it, nor did we make it up. It’s an old folk remedy that goes back many generations; your grandmother probably knows what it is. Read More.