The Farmers' Market Delivered

What’s in the Bag?

Kiwiberries are bite-sized
Pop ’em in your mouth whole, just, give ’em some time first. Kiwiberries need to sit and get ripe – they need to soften up just a bit to fully appreciate their sweet flavor. Don’t eat them when they’re still hard; be patient, it’s worth the wait!
This Week’s Menu

The SMC Story

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Whether you are one of our customers or are considering becoming one, it’s important to know the difference between South Mountain Creamery and the other guys:
Local fresh farm food vs. same ol’ grocery store goods.

We are not a grocery delivery service. We are→The Farmers’ Market, Delivered! Be sure to watch the video (above) to get the full story.

Bulk Buys

bushel of apples
Apple season has arrived! We’re just at the beginning of the long apple season. Plenty of varieties to enjoy, with more to come. Bulk buys are a great way to make the most of this versatile fruit: You’ll need plenty of apples for homemade apple butter, dehydrated apple chips, and let’s not forget pie – All-American Apple Pie!

What's Happening at SMC?

Farm Visits

Did you know South Mountain Creamery is open 365 days per year? Come on out, tour the farm, see the calves, have some ice cream.

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Life on the Farm

Welcome, Ladies! We just got our new laying hen flock in the poultry house. They are working hard to produce your farm-fresh eggs.

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Hometown Harvest

Hometown Harvest and South Mountain Creamery have always maintained family ties. Bringing the two companies together is better for everyone. HTH provides fresh produce and artisan goods to SMC customers; HTH customers get to enjoy local dairy, grass-fed beef, and ice cream! Together, we’re better. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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In the Kitchen

egg in an acorn squash ring

Egg in a SQUASH Hole! Toss the bread and instead enjoy sweet, fall Acorn Squash quash for breakfast.

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