South Mountain Creamery is a farm, creamery, home delivery service, and wholesaler that is proudly farmer operated and family owned. For more than 20 years, we’ve been bringing high-quality products to our friends and neighbors throughout the region, so they can feel good about the food they eat. When you know your farmer, you know your food.


Driven by Passion

The Sowers-Brusco family is passionate about knowing where food comes from, and a dedication to the land and animals that provide it. Call us crazy, but we think it’s important to know where your food comes from and how it got there!

There’s no question that farming is hard work. From feeding chickens and milking cows in the early morning hours, to birthing calves, cleaning pens, repairing tractors, and so much more. But, it’s work that we love to do–all so we can build connections between our earth and our food, and food to our families.

Our Practices

It’s our pride and joy to create wholesome, nutritious food with integrity, transparency, and honesty. Our customers are an extension of our farm family, and the dairy products, produce, and meat you serve at your dinner table are the same we serve on ours. If we wouldn’t serve it to our family, why would you serve it to yours? 

We see ourselves as stewards of the land, preserving our farm for future generations with responsible farming practices and the ethical treatment of animals. The next generation is already lending a helping hand, and by teaching them the right way to do things, as our parents taught us, we carry on the legacy of the land.




Our community is your community

Our community has given us so much, which is why we choose to give back. 

Everyone should have access to fresh, healthy foods, which is why our home delivery service area is always expanding to new neighborhoods, bringing the farmers’ market directly to doors all across the region. We do our part to bring fresh food to those who need it through community partnerships and charitable donations. 

Every November, we donate hundreds of turkeys to families in need to give them the Thanksgiving they deserve. We work with USDA’s Farmers and Neighbors program to provide fresh food to areas of need, and donate to other local organizations like the Maryland Food Bank and the Frederick Rescue Mission.