South Mountain Creamery

The Farmers Market Delivered

SMC is so many things.

We are a dairy farm: we bottle our own milk, we make our own butter, yogurt, and ice cream.

We also offer something very unique: the convenience of home delivery. Shop our online farmers market and have your products delivered to your door.

Over the years we have grown to be the largest and most efficient home delivery business in the area. And now, we are not just supporting three generations of our farm family, but nearly 200 local sustainable farm families.

Know Your Farmer

What’s so important about working with family-run local farms? Knowing your farmer. Knowing how you food is produced. Is it grass fed? Antibiotic and hormone free? Humanely raised? There are lots of labels, but there is no substitute for a direct connection to the people growing your food. You know what you are getting. And if you have questions? You can ask the folks who have their hands in the soil.

Randy and Karen Sowers started farming in 1981. They rented this land and took out a loan to buy 100 cows. By 1987, they had purchased the home farm of 100 acres. By 2001, they had their own on farm-dairy processing plant, the first in Maryland. Today the Sowers family owns and farms 2,200 acres. SMC milks 550 head, raises over 100 beef cattle each year and 16,000 laying chickens. Three generations now work on the farm. Tony & Abby (Sowers) Brusco and Ben & Kate Sowers now run it. SMC is an important part of the local economy. We employee over 75 people.

SMC has come a long way since its inception, but the basic philosophy has never changed. Our joy is producing and delivering products that you can put on your table and feel good about. Fresh. Produced responsibly. Wholesome and nutritious.

Shop Responsibly

Responsible farming is behind all the products you buy from us. Our cows spend their days on pasture. Fresh air, sunlight, and endless grass is provided for them. They also come and go as they please from their freestall barn, where they can get comfortable out of the weather. In addition to grazing, we feed them a nutritious mix of the crops we grow ourselves. Our dairy and beef herd are born and raised on the farm. Our laying chickens are cage-free and certified humanely raised.

We take pride in being good stewards of the land. All of our land is under agricultural preservation. We use cover crops to protect from erosion, use non-GMO seeds with proper crop rotation. We have a close relationship with our customers, and understand your food concerns. We consider these concerns with everything we do and with the standards and expectations that we set with our farmer partners. We are here to provide you the best, most nutritious local food, that you will feel good about eating.

Buy Local, Buy Fresh

Our dairy products are made right on the farm, from start to finish. Our cows are milked 50 yards away from our production plant. Within 12 hours, the milk is bottled or made in to yogurt, cream, butter, sour cream, or ice cream. The incredible flavor and the nutritional value of our dairy products can be attributed to the freshness of the milk and the comfort of our cows. Products like yogurt and ice cream are hand-crafted, recipes of our own making and made fresh for you.

When we work with other local farmers, we look for the same kind of care and attention to freshness and responsible growing practices. Whether it be a vegetable grower or our chicken and turkey producers—everything we offer (except where noted) is local and fresh.

Direct to Your Home

We deliver to nearly 9000 families.
We learned early on that our customers wanted to eat local, live a healthy lifestyle, and support local farms. But they needed it to be easier. Home delivery is efficient, helps other local farms, and makes it convenient for customers. Besides the dairy, meat, and eggs produced at SMC, we offer local and organic produce, bakery, and pantry items (such as nut butters and salsa). From our commercial kitchen, homemade soups, salads, healthy snacks, and slow-cooker meals.

It’s all online in our virtual marketplace, shop from home, open your door to fresh-from-the-farm products.

We pride ourselves on providing you an easy way to eat local, eat fresh, in season, direct from the farm, direct to your door.

We love what we do and hope you do too!

Thank you from the Sowers – Brusco family
Tony, Abby, Ben, and Kate

South Mountain Creamery
The Farmers Market Delivered
Local. Fresh. Supporting Family Farms.