Tony Does It Again

Abby & Tony Brusco of South Mountain Creamery

Tony and his wife Abby have held a lot of different positions: Dairy Farmers, delivery drivers, Conventional Farmers, CEO—and they’re about to add another title to their resume: Restaurateurs!

Their newest venture, Hometown Harvest Kitchen, springboards from their previous business, Hometown Harvest which merged with the family dairy-farm delivery-business, South Mountain Creamery. Hometown Harvest Kitchen is the meal prep arm of SMC, preparing fresh salads, bowls, soups and more, made fresh from local meat, dairy, and produce sourced locally.

Hometown Harvest Kitchen takes it one step further, with an on-site restaurant (and ice cream shoppe!)

The new restaurant is intended to be fast-casual style where wholesome, fresh, seasonal offerings can be had quickly and at prices reasonable, to make it available to everyone. The goal is to support local growers and busy families by making freshly prepared foods easily accessible.

With the plan to support local growers, the menu offerings will naturally change regularly, as dictated by the season and what is available. Plenty of squash and root veggies available in the fall, corn, herbs, and tomatoes in the summer. There’s always something new to be tasted!

And, let’s not forget ice cream! Because Hometown Harvest Kitchen springs from South Mountain Creamery, it’s only to be expected that one can get the deliciously creamy, dreamy South Mountain Creamery ice cream at the new downtown Frederick location.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture and hope the community will support us in our new endeavor.