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Hometown Harvest Kitchen

Have you ever had one of the times when everything just came together? In 2018 we brought together over 18 years of experience growing, producing and sourcing local food, with two talented chefs ready for a new adventure, and a great location in downtown Frederick. Hometown Harvest Kitchen was born!

Our mission has always been to make local food more accessible to our community, whether it’s through our delivery service or through our new restaurant. Hometown Harvest Kitchen creates a unique fast-casual farm-to-fork restaurant sharing our passion for providing you the best in local food.

Visit HHK at 50 Citizen’s Way on the Creek in Downtown Frederick, for your next exploration in healthy and delicious eating. HHK is a great meeting place before or after your day experiencing all the sites and beauty of the city! Take a look at our full menu, complete with SMC ice cream, local beer, and boozy shakes!

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Hubbard Squash Pie

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Preserving the Summer Harvest

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Microgreen Frittata

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