From the Farmer Now South Mountain Creamery

Attention From the Farmer Customers

South Mountain Creamery, From the Farmer’s parent company, is officially bringing From the Farmer under the South Mountain Creamery name! The same farm-fresh deliveries you know and love will now come from South Mountain Creamery.

What do you need to do?

Log in to the South Mountain Creamery Home Delivery Store with your existing username and password. Update your account details including your credit card information. Start placing your weekly orders today.



Contact South Mountain Creamery


Call: 844-762-6455.

The Farmers’ Market Delivered

When you think of a creamery, you think of dairy products. But, at South Mountain Creamery, we’re so much more than that. Dairy is just the start of what we do! We also work with other family and farmer-owned businesses just like us to source local, high-quality products. It’s like having the whole farmers market delivered.

Our Partners

We only offer our customers the produce and products we’d want for our own family, which is why we carefully choose our partners and vendors. By visiting farms, bakeries, coffee roasters, and dairies, we assess and vet each and every business we want to work with. We hold them to the same high standards that we hold ourselves to, and only work with others who share our passion and values for creating fresh, wholesome food.