Within 12 hours of milking our cows, the milk is processed and bottled, or made into products like yogurt, butter, and ice cream. These processes aren’t complicated, but that’s the key. Simple, fresh ingredients make for the best dairy products MOO-la can buy.


Picture the old, hand-crank ice cream machines in a bucket of ice.
Now, instead of a hand-crank, we’ve got a motor that does the hard work for us, and instead of ice, we use the power of refrigeration. Milk, cream, and sugar are mixed together, along with your favorite flavors and mix-ins to create a tasty, creamy, cold, yummy treat.



Cream that comes off the top of the milk is poured into a butter churn that spins it around like clothes in the dryer. As it spins, it slowly turns from cream to butter. Once done, the butter gets a bath to remove the buttermilk from the surface. Then, it’s ready for your morning toast or your next recipe.


Making yogurt is both a science and an art.

First things first. The milk goes through a special pasteurization process that allows the cultures to set the best. Then, we add our yogurt cultures and wait. By monitoring the pH, we can tell when it’s ready. After adding either vanilla, strawberry, or peach, we make sure it tastes just right before packaging.

Building Our Relationships

For everything we don’t make, we find a local expert who makes it and makes it well. We aim to offer the best to our customers, so we chose our vendors carefully, often visiting their locations and taste testing their products. This is an area where it pays to be picky, and our partnerships with our vendors are extremely important to us.