How we do it

You think you may already know how milk is made, but just in case you don’t, let us walk you through it!

It all starts with our cows. Their grass and grain-fed diets keep them happy and healthy so they can make great tasting, nutritious milk. They never receive hormones, and when they need antibiotics to feel better, their milk is taken off the line. 

Farm Fresh

When it’s time for milking, the cows come into the Milking Parlor from the barn to have their udders cleaned and the milkers attached. After they’re done being milked, the milkers are removed and their udders are sprayed with iodine to keep them clean. Each of our cows is milked twice a day, producing about 8 gallons of milk on a daily basis.

Within 12 hours of coming from the cow, our milk is minimally processed and bottled here on-site. It’s pasteurized and homogenized, and then bottled in glass bottles to be delivered to customers. It doesn’t get fresher than that!