Preserving the Summer Harvest

box of bulk tomatoes

Everything is bigger in the summer! That intense summer sunshine and consecutive, warm summer temperatures make for bigger tomatoes, bigger peaches, and bursting corn cobs! Bigger harvests, too!  But, there is only so much produce even a vegetarian can consume. What to do with all of abundant produce that summer produces? Why preserve it, of course, to be enjoyed throughout the remainder of the year. Putting up your summer product couldn’t be easier!


Not all summer tomatoes are Insta-worthy. Fortunately, these ‘seconds’ are inexpensive and thus perfect for buying in bulk to make sauce. Kaitlyn outlines how easy it is to make your own homemade tomato sauce out of Roasted Roma Tomatoes.
Roasted Roma Tomato Sauce


Save money by buying corn in bulk, every time you enjoy corn throughout the summer. Cook it all up at once. Enjoy some now, and the rest freeze for later.

1. Slice kernels off of cooked corn cobs. If you stand the corn cob up in an inverted bundt pan, you can collect the kernels easily right in the pan.
2. Arrange kernels in a single layer on a baking sheet.
3. Freeze kernels overnight.
4. Once frozen, transfer frozen kernels to a ziploc bag. Be sure to date the bags as you put them into the freezer.

Add frozen corn kernels to fall soups and winter casseroles or simply enjoy as a side for a taste of summer.


We have soooo many delicious peach recipes, I’m not sure there will be enough peaches left over to preserve!

If, after you’ve tried all of our favorite peach recipes and you still have peaches left over, you should consider preserving them to enjoy later on. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier! We recommend canning peaches to preserve them. Lanie shares her memories and outlines how easy it is to Can Peaches.

Summer may be fleeting, but don’t be sad! You can preserve the flavors of summer and thus re-live all those summer memories and tastes with a simple jar of sauce or peaches.