Preserving the Harvest: Roasted Tomato Sauce (Pt. 2)

Now that it’s nearly Thanksgiving and time to clear out space in the freezer for leftovers, we’re finally going to make our simple Roasted Tomato Sauce. The tomatoes have been waiting in the freezer since late summer, and with the BEAUTIFUL fall we’ve had this year, it was nice to get outside to play and not worry about “putting up” lots of summer produce immediately.

Check out our Part One post about roasting Romas with garlic and light seasoning. Really half our sauce work is already done!

We had about 18 of these frozen pints of roasted Romas. Using a bit of olive oil at the bottom of the biggest pot we had, we sautéed up a red and a yellow onion, and about 3 minced cloves of garlic. Then, quite ungracefully, we dumped in the frozen pints of Romas.

Over medium heat, the tomatoes defrosted and married flavors.  We added 4 pints of water to the pot (using the same pint containers from the freezer).

20131124-084240.jpgOnce the tomatoes were heated through, we used a stick blender to puree the sauce to our desired consistency (chunky, please!). Because we had seasoned the tomatoes before freezing, we didn’t need to do so now. By keeping the sauce very simple, it can be used for a wide variety of dishes later on.

20131124-084249.jpgThe finished product can be canned up according to safe canning instructions, or refrozen. We ended up leaving a few pints of tomatoes frozen in halves for later use, but the versatile sauce we created can be used in pastas, pizza, chili, masala dishes, soups, and anywhere tomato paste or canned tomatoes are called for.


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