Plants are FINALLY in the ground

IMG_3893After 17 days of rain in a row, we FINALLY had a day where it was clear and dry enough to get into the fields to plant.

Hometown Harvest Farm North fieldTony and I were starting to get super stressed as all of our plants needed to get moved from their starter trays and actually planted but because of all the rain it just was not possible! Some of the plants were dying!

In our upper field we have garlic, onions, potatoes, watermelons, and peppers planted. We still need to plant another batch of watermelons as well as butter beans in this field…

Our lower field (which is just outside our house) has tomatoes, cantaloupes, and more peppers planted, we still need to plant summer squash and flowers here.
The view from the upper field looking down over the laying hens, goats and ducks and the produce field.