Pickling Cucumbers…

Summer is here and it’s the season of abundance! Pickling cucumbers – making your own pickles – is easy, tasty, and fun! Unlike other seasonal preserves, which require equipment and long, hot hours in the kitchen, pickling cucumbers is a quick task … with fast, delicious results!

Simple Refrigerator Pickles:

10 cups water
5 cups white vinegar
1/4 cup + 2 TBS salt
whole garlic cloves

Place everything together in a pot and bring to just a simmer (to dissolve salt and soften garlic.)

Clean jars, lids, and rings.

In each jar place the following:

1/2 tea whole black peppercorns
1/4 tea whole mustard seed
1/4 tea coriander seeds
1/8 tea red pepper flakes
1 bunch of fresh dill (I used fronds and seeded tops)
remove garlic cloves from their steam bath and place 2 per jar.

To make pickle spears (regular cucumbers): wash and cut the ends off your cucumbers, slice into spears and put into jars.  (Tip: lay jars on their sides to fill), fill to within an inch of top.
To make whole pickles (pickling cucumbers): cram into jars as tightly as possible.

Pour hot brine over cucumbers in jars making sure to cover the contents completely.

Let jars cool to room temperature on the countertop.  Once they have cooled,  place a lid and ring on each jar and place in the refrigerator.  It’s best to give pickles at least 24-48 hours before tasting them to give the flavors time to marry.

These simple refrigerator pickles should last up to 1 year in your fridge.  To actually can them for longer storage:
• After filling jars, place lids and rings on jars, finger tighten, and place in hot water bath for 10 minutes (minutes count once water is boiling).

• Let cool before storing in a cool, dry spot, such as a pantry.