Moo Member Program Registration

Why You Should Be A Moo Member

What if you could receive free delivery on all of your favorite foods and treats from South Mountain Creamery in addition to unique incentives. For $100, you can join our Moo Membership program and receive free delivery for 12 months in addition to…

Special Savings

  • Free Samples
    • Once a quarter, you will receive a free surprise food item in your regular order. This will be a seasonal item perfect for any occasion.
  • Coupon Book
    • You will receive an exclusive coupon book upon initial sign-up or renewal that includes special discounts on SMC items, meals at Hometown Harvest Kitchen, and ice cream at South Mountain Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Holiday Pre-Ordering
    • Members will receive early access to order holiday items before the general including Thanksgiving turkeys, holiday items, and Easter items.

Exclusive Content

  • SMC Original Recipes
    • Each quarter, Moo Members receive a South Mountain Creamery newsletter in their delivery and online that offers seasonal recipes featuring South Mountain products.
  • Cow Adoption
    • Just for our little Moo Members – a “From the Farm” segment of the quarterly newsletter and online that features a farm calf and follows that calf throughout the year. Little Moo Members will receive a note “from the cow”, a South Mountain stuffed cow and periodic updates from the farm.

Exclusive Events

  • Fall Festivities at Hometown Harvest Kitchen
    • Moo Members will receive access to an exclusive event hosted at Hometown Harvest Kitchen in the fall of 2020. More details are to come.

If you are interested in becoming a Moo Member, simply add it to your next order by going to our market place and selecting “Moo Member”.

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