Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

You make such an effort to only provide all-natural items in your home - why would you bring in artificial dyes into your home to color eggs when you can accomplish the same task (and get even prettier results, in our opinion) with fruits and vegetables?

SMC Spring Festival 2018

Free event, fun for the entire family!

Announcing #HH30Days 2017: 30 Days of Real Food

What? Challenge participants will eat whole, natural, and local foods 30 days. What qualifies as a whole, natural, and local food? Read the Official #HH30days Challenge Rules for all the specifics. Our challenge is based off...

Fire Cider: the secret to beating cold & flu season

Looking to ward off cold & flu season? We've got just the thing.
cranberry curd pie with fresh whipped cream

Cranberry Curd Pie

Kind of like lemon curd, but with its own unique cranberry tartness. Delish!

What’s all this about Hops?

Everyone knows hops are for beer. But maybe beer isn't your thing. Doesn't mean you can't still experience hops. Hops for drinking, hops for eating—we've got a few ideas. It's better than you think. First though,...