SMC Spring Festival 2018

Free event, fun for the entire family!
New Fall Chickens

New Additions

Some fun farming news to share—We just got our new laying hen flock in the poultry house. They are working hard to produce your farm fresh eggs. Our new Certified Humane, Cage Free laying flock has...
Sunrise at South Mountain Creamery Dairy

July Farm Happenings

It not only feels like summer outside…but it also tastes like summer. Peppers, Peaches, Berries, Summer Squash, Sweet corn—the local season abundance is here. Did you watch our new video yesterday, when it launched? (See...

EVENT: Garlic Planting!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Bring the kids and play in the dirt! It's our 2nd Annual Hometown Harvest Garlic Planting event! Come ready to help us plant 10,000 cloves of garlic. Space is limited,...

From the Farm: last week July

This time of year, if the sun is up, we are outside working...all of us! Last weekend we harvested our potato crop—the purple potatoes and fingerlings are in the bags this week. ...

From the Farm: 4th week July

Look at that friendly face! Tony gives a farm update.

From the Farm: 3rd week July

Every July it happens! I drop to my knees on the edge of one of our produce fields, raise my arms to the sky and shout, “That’s it! I give up! Take my potato plants,...

From the Farm: 2nd week July

Hot, hot, hot on the farm! Good for veggies, good for weeds. Lucky for us, help is just a phone call away!

Farm update: 2nd week June

We solved our predator problem...not in the immediate future, but we're playing the long game.