Cider Glazed Turnips

Cider-Glazed Turnips & Apples

We love fall fruit and root veggies ... we love them even better paired up together. Bacon? Oh, yes, there's bacon!
Homemade Cranberry Orange Pop-Tarts

Cranberry Pop-Tarts

For the Pastry: 4½ oz (little more than half a cup) of prepared cranberry sauce 1 package ready-made pie crust (or homemade, if you're ambitious) For the Glaze: 1 tsp orange zest 2 TBSP Fresh orange juice 1 cup powdered...
cranberry curd pie with fresh whipped cream

Cranberry Curd Pie

Kind of like lemon curd, but with its own unique cranberry tartness. Delish!
Cranberry Relish

Fresh Cranberry Relish

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, isn’t it? Hopefully you are feeling good about meal preparations, having ordered lots of Hometown Harvest’s goodies. It makes preparing a big meal so...

Parsnip Gratin

1 1/4 lbs Parsnips 1 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes 1 medium Onion 3 c Half & Half (or substitute heavy whipping cream) 3 tbsp Butter, for greasing pan 1/4 tsp fresh nutmeg (or ground) 1/4 tsp white pepper 1 1/4 tsp...

Root Veggie Latkes

Potatoes, sure, but try something new with fun root veggies!
Classic Cranberry Sauce

Consider the Cranberry

There are so many dishes that come to mind when we think about Thanksgiving: mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, and of course, the turkey. But what makes all of these dishes sing is the brightness and...