Pomegranate Orange Quick Bread

Pomegranate-Orange Quick Bread

It's called quick bread because it's super quick to throw together and bake! Serve it for dessert or breakfast.

Peaches & Cream Popsicles

What's better than fresh, sweet summer fruit? Fresh, sweet summer fruit--peaches--blended with sweet cream and frozen to a cool, delicious dessert!
plum popsicles

Rosemary Plum Popsicles

Cool off with homemade popsicles! Although the recipe calls for yellow plums, any variety of plum would work. 1 1/2 lb ripe yellow plums, cut into halves (pits intact) 1 cup purified water, plus some for soaking...
Raspberry Yogurt Muffins

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins

Healthy and delicious! Time to pull that summer fruit from the freezer. The raspberry yogurt provides moisture and more raspberry flavor. Swap in other fruit+yogurt combinations, such as blueberries + blueberry yogurt or diced peaches + peach yogurt; use what you have on hand.

All About…Finger Limes

"Finger Limes"?? What is it? Yeah, sounds a little bit weird. Finger Limes are a type of tiny citrus—microcitrus actually—native to Australia. So called for their smooth, pebbled skin (sometimes green) and finger-like shape. Although they are...

Traditional Lemon Bars

We love this recipe to showcase the particular flavor of Meyer Lemons, but certainly regular lemons can be substituted. For the crust: Cooking spray or butter 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon...
Homemade Cranberry Orange Pop-Tarts

Cranberry Pop-Tarts

For the Pastry: 4½ oz (little more than half a cup) of prepared cranberry sauce 1 package ready-made pie crust (or homemade, if you're ambitious) For the Glaze: 1 tsp orange zest 2 TBSP Fresh orange juice 1 cup powdered...

Light and Sweet Homemade Meringues (perfect for the upcoming berry season!)

Who's excited for spring and summer produce?  I am beyond pumped for it!  I especially can't wait for the strawberry season.  I got some blackberries in my delivery bag the other week and thought how perfect...

Bananas Foster French Toast (perfect for Mardi Gras celebrations!)

Can you believe it is Mardi Gras already?  I can't!  February is flying!  However, I am always up for celebrations, preferably ones that involve delicious food, and Mardi Gras is exactly that.  Nothing says party...

Valentine’s Day dessert: mini cheesecakes!

Happy Valentine's Day!  If you happened to forget to get your order in for all of the deliciousness we have for sale, don't worry!  You can still make something yummy for that special someone in...