Canning tomato juice

So while most people I know can tomato sauce, or salsa or even ketchup…I only can tomato juice, and while other people go thru all the aggravation of peeling and seeding the tomatoes, I do not.  My mother only ever canned juice and then would turn it into soups and sauces and it was much less work.  My mom got grossed out by the seeds and skins so she would use a food mill versus a blender prior to filling her jars.  I yield more by the way I do it.

This year I put away 50# of tomatoes (which yielded me 17 quarts of juice).

I prep the tomato’s by washing and then cutting them down into smaller pieces (cutting out the core and any bad spots).  I then fill a pan with the cut up tomatoes and put it on low and cook the tomatoes until they are soft and starting to fall apart in the pan (I even use a potatoes masher to help speed up the process).

Once you have mostly juice in your pan you are ready to take it off the heat and use the blender…in small batches (filling the blender up just above half way) I add the juice and peels, seeds etc and blend until smooth.

I then fill the sterilized jars right from the blender, filling to just below the neck.

I process 7 jars at a time for 45 minutes in a boiling water bath.