Canning Blackberries

Last year I canned blackberries for the first time.  Tony reminded me today as I was processing another 12 jars; that these very fruits are what ultimately caused me to need to have to have the kitchen completely remodeled.  The blackberries stained the white porcelain farmhouse sink that was in the kitchen before.

This method that I use is very easy and once you get all your supplies together I can can 12 jars in about an hours time frame.

I do know a year later that these blackberries are a hit with Tony and the kids because we went thru over 12 jars from last years batch and were just about out when it was time to can this year.  They were used on top of ice cream along with my canned peaches to make peach melba sundaes.  But I figure they can also be used as fillings for blackberry pies and cobblers by adding some corn starch to thicken the sauce.