Announcing Our 2018 Real Food Challenge: 30 Days of Farm Love

We Challenge You to Eat Real Food for 30 Days!

For 2018, we have expanded our #HH30Days Real Food Challenge from last year, to be more inclusive of all the farm fresh products, besides produce, that count as Real Food. Same fun challenge, lots of great prizes, just more to love!

How Does it Work?

Challenge participants will eat whole, natural, and local foods for 30 days. What qualifies as a whole, natural, and local food? Read the Official Real Food Challenge Rules for all the specifics. Our challenge is based off of blogger Lisa Leake’s We’re only asking you to do it for 30 days. Check out her website for more details.

Why should you participate?

Make a change for the better! Studies have shown that overly processed foods are bad for our health and the health of our planet. Eating a diet that is more natural and locally grown is good for the body, the local economy, and our planet!

And → win prizes! Everyone gets a wristband! A daily prize will be awarded to one lucky randomly drawn participant; a completion prize for everyone who successfully completes the full 30 days; and a Grand Prize to one lucky winner!


Everyone! Making healthy choices is much easier when everyone is on board. The entire family should participate. The 30 Days of Farm Love Real Food Challenge is a great opportunity to educate kids on real food and making good choices. Encourage friends and colleagues to join our Real Food Challenge to inspire, encourage, and motivate throughout the 30 days.

We are so excited to bring 30 Days of Farm Love Real Food Challenge to our customers and followers (this is the 6th year we’ve put on a real food challenge.) We’ve gotten so much great feedback from previous participants who have kicked a sugar habit, lost weight, and learned to love brussel sprouts! What healthy goal will you achieve? It’s time to Take the Challenge!

Official Challenge Rules

What’s Real Food?


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