All About…Watercress

Fancy Greens

What is it?

A water-growing plant, watercress is an often-overlooked, leafy green food source in the same family as mustard and cabbage, giving it a distinctly spicy, peppery, pungent flavor. An attractive, succulent plant, watercress bears small, round, slightly scalloped leaves, which, in summer, produce tiny white flowers that become small pods with two rows of edible seeds. Watercress has been cultivated in Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas for over a thousand years for use as both food and a medicine.

Great! What do I do with it?

One of the best culinary aspects of watercress is its versatility. It can be used as a salad green (a very nutritious one!) with Romaine lettuce or fresh spinach. You can steam it and enjoy as a veggie side. Toss into soups for a subtle, peppery flavor. It’s also a standard ingredient for sandwiches in Britain for both common and high tea.

Other Great Ideas

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