Hometown Harvest

Abby & Tony Brusco, founders of Hometown Harvest

Tony & Abby (Sowers) Brusco started their careers in the family dairy business, branched off to do their own thing, and then circled back home to merge both businesses into a stronger, better home delivery service.

One Brand, One Family

Abby & Tony Brusco of South Mountain CreamerySouth Mountain Creamery & Hometown Harvest become one — creating one of the largest and most efficient home delivery services in the area.

In spite of branching off to run their own business, Tony & Abby (Sowers) Brusco always maintained strong ties with their family at South Mountain Creamery. When Hometown Harvest began offering glass-bottled milk to their customers, they turned to SMC.

In the fall of 2016, the two companies formed a business partnership to combine their efforts and work together. However, maintaining two businesses with similar services simply didn’t make sense. In the spring of 2017, the two companies officially merged, South Mountain Creamery and Hometown Harvest will officially becoming one. One brand, one service, one farm, one family. The two companies united under the South Mountain Creamery brand, creating one of the largest and most efficient home delivery services in the area, distinguished from its competition by its commitment to bringing customers fresh food from local farms.

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Chief Executive, Tony Brusco, shares the unified company’s mission:

“Our mission as one company will be to continue bringing you the highest quality local foods you can buy. To further our goal to help create a sustainable local family farm economy, we will work with our agricultural community to support 150 farms and growing, including our own. In order to provide the best shopping and eating experience direct to your doorstep, we will make the united company more efficient and continue to improve our service to you.”

The unified company under the South Mountain Creamery brand will offer customers an unmatched virtual online farmers’ market where they can shop from anywhere, for everything from glass-bottled milk, fresh produce, grass-fed beef, pantry items—like nut butters and salsas—and even prepared foods such as salads, soups, and Crockpot meals. Shop online and open the door to fresh local products. A great way to eat healthy while supporting local farming families.

Running the farming side, Ben Sowers talks about how this is a family affair:

“We’re proud of what we’re doing and it’s great that it brings the family together. My brother-in-law Tony, my sister Abby, me and my wife Kate, and all of our children are are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter for South Mountain Creamery. We are thankful for the loyalty that our customers have shown over the years, and look forward to providing them new and improved product offerings with the efficiencies of the combined companies, including a reduced carbon footprint.”

South Mountain Creamery delivers fresh-from-the-farm products within 90 miles of Frederick, Maryland. Customers can sign up at southmountaincreamery.com, shop online, and have their products delivered right to their door.

This is truly The Farmers Market Delivered!

Our History

Sprouted out of the comments of our friends and family, watered by the love of healthy eating, and grown by the passion of supporting local agriculture.

The seeds were sown…

Since 2001, we have been deeply involved in local farming and agriculture.

After years of building and developing the family dairy business (South Mountain Creamery), we found ourselves discovering truths about the American diet, which ignited a fire in us to bring healthy local fruits and veggies to the market. The idea started small. We envisioned that we would deliver the produce in the back of my pick-up truck on the weekends as a way to teach our kids about hard work.

We underestimated the demand…big time. Before we made our first delivery, we realized that we had to think bigger.

We put down roots…
South Mountain Veggie staff and delivery drivers

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In June 2009 South Mountain Veggies was born. Working with just a handful of growers, we made 250-300 home deliveries every week. Four years later, that number reached 1,000 homes, several workplaces, working with more than 150 trusted farms in our area.

The Hometown Harvest delivery vanWorking with so many farmers allowed us to offer a wide variety of different fruits and veggies. Our delivery areas expanded to include counties in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. We now have four full-service “Veggie Vans”.

In 2011, we expanded our product lines to provide a more complete farmers-market-at-your-door experience. We added fresh artisan breads, rolls, and pastries, which are all baked daily to order. We also introduced pickles, granola, plus gluten-free products to support folks with special diet needs.

The Harvest has just begun…

As our offerings expanded and we hit upon “The Farmers’ Market Delivered” South Mountain Veggies wasn’t an apt name for the growing business. In 2013, we changed our name from South Mountain Veggies to Hometown Harvest to more accurately represent our expanding service.

Through the support of our customers, we’ve been able to include more local growers, especially young farmers who are just starting out. We’re helping them invest in season-extending, sustainable methods so we can eat fresh food year-round, and they have a reliable income.

Beyond the Bag

Hometown Harvest delivery bag and seasonal produce

Local. Sustainable. Sincere.

These core values have always been the driving force behind every bag delivered from Hometown Harvest and they carry over to delivery service under South Mountain Creamery.


The benefits of eating locally is probably what drew you to Hometown Harvest to begin with. We bring the farmers market to you by putting the freshest produce available nearby in your hands within a day or two of harvest. Your vegetables aren’t shipped from overseas or sitting in a store for weeks.


Our standards for sustainability are through the roof. It’s not enough for farmers to simply be certified organic in our book; we demand that farming practices renew and benefit the environment or we will not buy produce from that farm. For example, we insist on pasture-raised poultry and meats not just because they taste better and are more nutritious, but because grazing animals maintain the quality of the land and live a good life. If this means that we are occasionally out of a certain item, so be it. We won’t compromise for the sake of profits.


Everyone involved in Hometown Harvest—from our suppliers to our bag packers, drivers, and web team—are 100% committed to providing the best farm market experience possible for our customers. We do our homework about each and every product so you don’t have to. If you ever have a problem, we will bend over backwards to make it right.

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