5 Things You Can Do With Time You Save Not Grocery Shopping!

According to a report by the Time Use Institute, the average length of a grocery shopping trip is 41 minutes.

41 minutes in the store – not making a list, loading family in the car, driving from home, or any of the other things you have to do just to get to the front door. Worse yet, Saturday and Sunday, the most common grocery shopping days of the week, average 45 minutes per trip. Accounting for pre and post grocery activities, that’s an estimated hour per trip. A once per week trip adds up to 52 hours a year. That’s more time than a week’s vacation!

With the revolution of online grocery shopping that time can be curtailed to nearly zero. Online retailers provide you with fixed (or custom) bags of assorted fruits and vegetables that can be accompanied by meats, eggs, dairy, canned goods, cake in a jar (yes, that’s a real thing), and most all essentials you grab at the physical store each week. Items can even be set up on a recurring basis, the “set it and forget it” mentality! Best yet, it’s delivered to your doorstep.

Spend 52 hours doing something fun and rewarding. Here are 5 ways to reuse your grocery shopping hours:

  1. Tour a museum. Or 30!
  2. Staycation! Take a personal time out. And there’s always vacation. Bora Bora anyone?
  3. Learn a new language. Rosetta Stone offers core classes that only take 30 minutes each!
  4. Give Back. Here are 25 Ways to Volunteer.
  5. Spend time with family.

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