South Mountain Creamery, a Maryland dairy farm and home delivery provider, is now serving Southeast home delivery routes formerly managed by Oberweis Dairy.

Frederick, MD (March 13, 2024) – For home delivery customers in the Southeast, delivery routes are now managed by South Mountain Creamery, a Maryland-based home delivery service that specializes in dairy, produce, meat, and other farm-to-table products.

South Mountain Creamery has served Mid-Atlantic customers for over 40 years as a family owned and operated farm, creamery, wholesaler, and home delivery provider. South Mountain Creamery has taken over delivery routes in the Virginia and North Carolina markets since the former provider, Oberweis Dairy, has ended their services.

South Mountain Creamery has worked to ensure a transition of service so that customers’ weekly orders would not be interrupted. As part of this transition, they have on-boarded former Oberweis delivery drivers and staff to help maintain consistent quality of service and support for the Southeast routes.

Thanks to South Mountain Creamery’s relationships with local farmers and producers in the region, they offer farm-fresh dairy, produce, meat, and pantry staples, along with a wide variety of local product offerings. Southeast home delivery customers are now able to shop using the new South Mountain Creamery website which hosts this array of options.

“We’re excited to work with farmers and vendors in the Southeast region,” says Tony Brusco, Owner and CEO of South Mountain Creamery. “In our current market, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the same level of quality food that we would want for our own family. And as a company built on family heritage, we strive to support as many local farms and vendors of fresh produce, meat, and more.”

Rather than entering the Southeast market as another source of competition, South Mountain Creamery’s goal is to continue building strong relationships with local farmers and vendors. As dairy farmers themselves, they have a passion for supporting local agriculture and the local food supply chain. Their motto “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” speaks to their commitment of shopping and eating locally. Cheaper delivery fees, lower prices on milk, fewer emissions and fuel usage, and a wider variety of in-season produce and fresher options are all direct results of this standard of practice. Giving customers an expanded variety to add to their weekly orders, this new expansion will provide up to 10,000 families in the area with fresh, nutritious food, all while supporting small, local, and family-owned businesses.

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